William Two Feather

Drum Washing Weekend Retreat
with Two Feather in Ojo Caliente, New Mexico

Join Two Feather for a weekend retreat in the beautiful desert of Northern New Mexico. If you are interested in sharing in this experience please review the Preparation Guidelines


5 - 7pm

7 - 10pm

Optional psychic surgery teachings* or soak time at
Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs, once frequented by Geronimo and gang

Welcome & Introduction to Drum Washing Teachings


10 – 12am

1 – 5pm


6 - 7pm


Drum Washing Teachings

Hands-on application of teachings

Quiet time for contemplation, for thinking of a petition, to gather your prayers

Prayer Ties Ceremony around the campfire

Traditional Sweat Lodge and ceremonial feast


10:45 - 11:45

1 – 3pm

Commence teachings and practical application of non-participants

Sacred Sites – How they work.

Traditional Native American Doctoring enjoys many generations of accolades. One recognized tool for healing is sound (vibrational frequencies). The hand held, one-sided drum provides this at a prescribed cadence with specific intent, in a good way & with a good heart. Drum washing incorporates vibrational frequencies co-mingled with the human body’s curative mechanisms.

These two powerful and authoritative forces are a portion of the inner dynamics of this healing technique. Spiritual Doctors are evoked and the power and authority of the client are incorporated as well. Each practitioner-to-be must fully comprehend the entire methodology and will be given an oral examination at the end of teachings. The ones who pass will be certified and will join a worldwide family of practitioners.

This class is a minimum of 10 hours, to be split into two days, Saturday and Sunday. For those who are interested in psychic surgery, a bonus night on Friday the 17th will be available for an additional contribution. No certification will be awarded on this particular teaching.

Those interested and who are now practicing are recommended to attend this seldom shared teaching. Be aware that there is limited methodology that is permitted to be taught to the public and strict guidelines are in force. * see preparation sheet for reference on how to get ready for these teachings.

Your recommended contibution is variable and to pensioners or Scorpios (natural born healers), and
a 10% scholarship will be considered upon acceptance of one-page handwritten petition sent to:to: N.A.S.P. 134 Vintage park Blvd Box 133 Houston TX 77070     williamtwofeather999@gmail.com    
Recommended Accomodations: Lomita Motel, Ojo Caliente - contact Michael at 505-583-2109

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