William Two Feather

Faith Healing, Old as the Hills

Faith Healing is as old as the hills. Only recently have we begun to utilize hospitals and pharmacies. What of the people from the past? Were they doomed to death once sick? Even skeptics should have an interest in this. Adamant about western medicine, a look at the other side could well be entertaining if nothing else! The Fact of the matter is that Faith Healing does work. When I ask the doctors who witness this type of healing, “What is your explanation?” the usual reply is, “I don’t know but I do know it happens, miraculous healings, but I cannot explain it”. Hands on Exorcisms are no longer available. 

Here it is from the horse’s mouth, a practicing faith healer for over 10 years worldwide. Upon traveling the world in this capacity, indigenous healers flock together and so this knowledge is here for the asking. Listen, grow, and question in your own way. There will be plenty of time for questioning at this teaching of Native American ways.