William Two Feather
William Two Feather 

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Check back soon, we're working on some interesting ideas for ways you can Get Involved in helping to heal our Mother Earth.

Send your info to williamtwofeather999@gmail.com = email address, country

and city, your field of expertise, date of birth (no year needed) if you are

willing and  desire to assist in Spirits Work, of world peace, and

dissemination of faith healing information and *Noetics people as well.

 Volunteers are needed to  assist in worldwide organization of these

 important teachings that are coming to your countries. Two Feather

tour #4 . To share  the inner world of Traditional Faith Healing and

Spirituality of Native  American Peoples to all in the world who feel the

calling to learn?

It is a rare occasion that such true teachings go to the world and their

in this 'Spiritual' capacity for Two Feather. After many years  of dedicated sacrifice and writing, Now that  5 books called "The Book of Spirit" are

done, more books are to come to complete the series of 27 books?  

Two Feather is no longer doing faith healings after a 15+ year run

with many miraculous results, not one person was hurt during these years of healing work.

It is time to shift occupations to Author, and now many will be able

to benefit form the years of experience and practical application

gained in the trenches so to speak, rather than the few.  

In the evolution of traveling and consulting with medicine people a

blending has occurred. Some say it is “New Age” stuff. To me it is a

Spiritual Evolution. Now that we have passed December 21st of 2012 our evolution is not in physiological terms. Many have received their

enlightenment and many are getting that day by day. What is it? In simple

terms is “All My Relations” a re-remembering of whom we really are

and that we are part of all abundance around us. We are the tree

‘one legged person’ we are the plants ‘plant nation’ we are the rocks

‘first people’ we are not individuals, we are part of it all.




This photo was taken apx 2004 at a 3 day Spirit Warrior Teaching in, AU. Two Feather 

Officiated  a wedding ceremony for some beautiful people, and took flesh from the chest

of one of his apprentices, Russell Two Wolfs. There were 3 sweat lodges built here and

also several tipis, and many tents. We  utilized a Boy Scout camp nearby and had the

lodges here at this private property. The event turned out to be a week long happening of

spiritual endeavors.