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Here you will find Two Feather's CD, Red Medicine Dance, which was nominated for 2002 NAMMY award. Each CD has a unique sound of it's own; they are born of the knowledge and applications of the Medicine ways. The breath of the flute is facilitated through Grandfather Eagle Flute, one of only three in the world as known at this time. He was made by a master flute maker. Flute number one belongs to the maker of the flute, the second to his teacher, Windwalker, and number three is carried by Two Feather. Through Grandfather Eagle Flute, Two Feather facilitates Spirit's beautiful healing music. Our Grandfathers and their Grandfathers have long since used vibrations and harmonics to assist in healing works. Two Feather allows the land to speak it's voice through his music, sharing it's wisdom and teaching for those who will listen. The music is combined with teachings of Medicine ways and put together with intention for our spiritual benefit and growth. Two Feather has traveled much, bringing the talent and spirit of other indigenous cultures to share in the making of the music, creating a beautiful blend of sound. It is time for the coming together of many voices to bring forth the same message, for all mankind to unite in a good way and with a good heart.

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Spiritual Warrior

William Two Feather - Spirit Warrior CD
Spiritual Warrior is a unique Spoken Word CD. It features 'Medicine Man', a true story song about a miraculous healing in Australia. It illustrates what one may experience in a faith healing session. Also included is '4 Days'. This is a true and subjective rendition of the most sacred of all Indian Ceremonies. There is much more on this CD, an opening ceremony for large spiritual events, an old Indian story about a special pony that takes the sorrows of the people to----
There are some politically incorrect songs and more. In many ways, it is a peek into being a Spiritual Warrior.  Enjoy.

-  Opening Ceremony   -   Here Kitty Kitty -   4 Days   -   Blue Ray -   Crying Fish People   -   Medicine Man -   Love Song TF   -   Evolution -   What Have You Done?   -   Farewell -   Wind   -   Food Blessing

Indigenous Trance Dance

William Two Feather - Spirit Warrior CD Here, traditional native wisdom and ceremony meet ~ Spirit, journeying and the benefits of technological enhancements achieve one goal - Spiritual Journeying, also known as OOB, Astral Travel, Dream Time and many other names by indigenous people around the world. Please do not play this in your car or when you do something that requires attention, as this CD will accomplish what it was conceived to do. Sit back and be done with whatever you thought you had to do. Kick off your shoes. Be safe and listen in a good way and with a good heart. Ask for protection in your own way, for your spirit, as it travels b-4 you even begin! Your spirit is like a turtle. While in its shell it is safe from birds, sun, thorns. But if the turtle comes out of his shell its soft skin is vulnerable to a barbed quill or heat. So when your spirit leaves your body, know fair well that it does not mean you will be damaged, but the potential is more than that within the shell. Be responsible and have many good journeys.  AHO.
-  Trance Mode  -   Double Angel  -   Bird Song  -   Love is the Fuel  -   Mother's Wound  -   Ty e Wa  -   Beautiful One  -   White Calf Woman  -   E-Ya-Ka-Lei-Ho

Red Medicine Dance - Nominated for 2002 NAMMY Award

William Two Feather - Red Medicine Dance CD

-  Medicine Wheel,
   Teachings of "The Good Red Road"
-  Where Have All the Children Gone,
   Bridge Between Cultures
-  Abiquiu, Transformations
-  Earth Mother, Blessings
-  Grandmother Katchina, The Ancient Ones
-  Sacred River, Happiness
-  The Dogs Groan, Metamorphosis
-  Wovakas Flight, Ghost Dance
-  Booming Sands, Continium
-  Warm Breath, Earth Song
-  Eagle Falls, Sacred Water

Red Earth Danz

William Two Feather - Red Earth Danz CD This CD was prayed over before its conception. Its medicine is to enhance creativity and creative endeavors. For artists, creators of web pages, thinkers, pray-ers, journeyers and peace seekers. Many of these CDs are being used worldwide in pre-schools and kindergartens to relax the students during quiet time. This is the most traditional of the William Two Feather compilations, an instrumental work of drums, flutes and rattles. No echos, synthesizers or electronic enhancement. This system works on a vibrational frequencies mainstay. This modality is established to incorporate a vibration below the human hearing range (from the sacred site) to elicit a chemical response in the body that is conducive to creativity. Reiki practitioners, massage therapists, healers and spiritual seekers use this music to assist in many areas. What is your area of interest? This CD was made in a sacred area in northern New Mexico called Abiquiu. Georgia O'Keefe lived near the place where this music was made. The Chanupa (peace pipe) was smoked between the co-creators and prayers were offered for spiritual assistance as long as there was no ill will or malevolent intent - of course. Thunder Beat has taught drumming for many years and is based in Sedona, AZ. Her magical drum nuances are such a gift. Many Blessings ~ AHO.

-  Its Just a Feather -  Sacred Sites -  Cool River -  Tic Tic Pollinations -  Heart Jumps -  She -  An Angel Came To My Table -  I am here


William Two Feather - Elements CD
Elements is designed for spiritual journeying and relaxation. It represents the gentle waves of a quiet ocean washing upon the beach. An instrumental work created by a world class violinist and a Harpist whose instrument was over 8 feet tall. Numerous traditional Native American flutes were used, and two types of electric violins - one made by hand. Wait till you hear this mellow music. Enjoy...Skaweda William Two Feather

-  I am open -  Welcome to Spirit -  Mi Casa Su Casa -  Way Out

Unity Dance

William Two Feather - Unity Dance CD 
William Two Feather brings together the music of North and South America and Africa in a rare blend that stimulates the senses.  William brings the beautiful sound of the Traditional Native American 6 hole flute to this composition.

Miguel provides the unique sound of the South American Andean region with a variety of Traditional and handmade instruments.

Oumar contributes an inspiring mix of Traditional Afrikaans percussions and assorted indigenous instruments that create the rich sounds of Africa.

This meeting of Traditional Cultural Medicine music unfolds into an enriching and satisfying new sound.  Enjoy!

-  Mountain Trail -  My Relatives -  Gold Coast -  Live Together -  Way Up -  Trickster -  Medicine Calling

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