William Two Feather


The amount of preparation for these Native American Teachings directly reflects the level of commitment that you deem fit for your spiritual importance. It is commendable that you have chosen or are considering coming to a traditional Native American Teaching such as this special program.

Some people will fast before coming. Fasts come in many forms; there are liquid fasts, no solid food fasts, fruit fasts. Some will completely fast, no food or water, some will partially fast on and off for days before. So what is being shared here is ~ it�s your medicine time, use it as you deem fit and it�s all good.

The minimum that should not be ingested is anything that alters the temple (psyche) or spirit, and nothing that has been made by the hand of those whom you do not know personally ~ and are OK with. No fast food for at least a few days before coming to these Spiritual Teachings. Invest in yourself. It will be worth it, and you ARE worth it!

By doing your own form of balancing and grounding before you arrive, you will have an edge on the Teachings and a jump on your journey. These Teachings are based on many generations of Native American Beliefs and lifestyles from a diverse background of 4 Southwestern Tribes on Turtle Island. (USA)

What happens after the body no longer functions on this plane of existence? How does one attain a Teacher? What ceremonies must be partaken of in order to fulfill the prescribed requirements of the duties taken on by an individual-as-healer? How do Indians ask for things, for themselves and others? What is the Way of the Circle and Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations)? How do Indian people live in harmony with the environment? How is it that Native Americans consider themselves �Caretakers� of the Earth (Our Mother)? How do the indigenous people of Turtle Island communicate with the Creator? How do we counter psychic attack?

These are but a few of the topics to be addressed in these few days of learning the ways of Red Road - Indian way. You can make a commitment to yourself and sacrifice what need be to be part of this Ambassadorship being shared at Ojo Caliente New Mexico. Come for yourself and come for the people you may touch as a result of learning such things as the �Drum Washing� Healing Technique. This way of doing medicine work is based on the old and honored way of Vibrational Balancing and Healing. You will learn to use a drum as a tool and an instrument of well-being and healing. Those completing the 2� days will be fully qualified and certified to do Shamanic Drum Healing. Everyone is encouraged to share this wonderful and effective healing art with those whom they deem fit, and to assist in the further development of others. Many things have particular relevance to drum healing. To mention but a few that have had favorable results� senility, Alzheimer�s, cancer, and longevity of the practitioner, via increasing the areas of flow and production of T-Cells (immune system).

For the Inipi (Sweat Lodge) {no longer doing public Lodges}, bring a petition that you feel conviction about. It may be for your ill mother or your brother who is on the wrong path. It may be for your own direction, or for the children who go to bed hungry in war-torn areas; it is all up to you. Consider this from one of my teachers: �One who chases two rabbits catches none�. Men bring short pants with no metal. Women wear a loose fitting dress of any color which must cover the shoulders for respect of ceremony. Only two restrictions: 1) no alcohol 24 hrs prior to Lodge and 2) Women please no moon time (menstruating) permitted in lodge. This is our tradition. Moon time women will have a significant role in the lodge, but are not permitted inside.

AHO William Two Feather