William Two Feather

Ceremony for Puberty

Here we call upon traditional Native American wisdom to show non-native people how to perform these initiations. There is a structure of archetypes that determines why we have been put on earth and what it is we are to do - the path to fulfillment.

We use animals of the southwest as our teachers and demonstrate which ones belong to the youth. To know ones destiny at a young age is of paramount importance! Lacking in our fast paced society are these essential initiation rites! When does a boy become a man and a girl a woman? How do they know? What are their responsibilities and what is expected of them? How do they choose the right trail to walk upon?

Participants are encouraged to take these rites to their communities and train other teachers and facilitators. There is no certification at these teachings. Everyone who attends will leave with the ability to know anyone�s totem medicine animal, stone of power, planet of good health and purpose in life. This is a structured teaching with a formula and guidelines.

William Two Feather is a practicing traditional Native American faith healer, spiritual advisor and a ceremonial leader who has trained many. This training is approximately three hours, and will be included in the book series "Book of Spirit" When they are published early in 2011