William Two Feather

Building Self Esteem in Troubled Youth

Which book does one read to learn how to do this? The book of Experience! These universal Native American Teachings are here for all to share. How do we help those with low self esteem? Also referred to as ´┐ŻBeaver Medicine´┐Ż, what happens to those who choose not to speak of their inner workings?

There is hope. One aspect is to teach how to accomplish this soul-building with the ways of many generations of understanding. Although this technique is ancient it is also universal. Many indigenous cultures use these same techniques in their own specific languages and styles.

William Two Feather has trained over a thousand teachers in many places. These flute teachings will be done on a limited basis in the USA. This system is designed for youth ages 7 to 18 but works with adults as well. NASP supplies all necessary tools to practice with. This teaching spans a minimum of one hour with a maximum of two.