William Two Feather

Spirit Warrior Weekend Retreat
with Two Feather in Ojo Caliente, New Mexico

Join Two Feather on a weekend retreat in the beautiful deserts of Northern New Mexico. If you are interested in sharing in this experience please review the Preparation Guidelines


5 - 7pm

7 - 10pm

Optional psychic surgery teachings* or soak time at
Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs, once frequented by Geronimo and gang

Welcome & Spirit Warrior Teachings



1 - 3pm

3 - 4pm

4 - 6pm


Universal Music Teachings

Medicine Pouch making & teachings

Quiet time for contemplation, for thinking of a petition, to gather your prayers

Prayer Ties Ceremony around the campfire

Traditional Sweat Lodge and ceremonial feast



1 - 3pm

Commence teachings

Sacred Sites & how they work  Storytelling if time permits

Universal music is an indigenous based system & nasp;for reading and writing music. It is so simple that the design was originally for self-esteem building in youth. Almost everything has a song - the tree people, flowers, rocks, chairs, buildings, faces, bushes, they all... I promise you they have their own songs. After this short period of time for the teachings you will be able to ask these people in a good way and with a good heart to share their music with you. It is fun, exciting and honoring in all ways. Participants are trained as future teachers. To be a Spiritual Warrior is to have a special place in the larger order of things. Being a Spiritual Warrior requires understanding, knowledge and a clear sense of how to accomplish the Mission of Light.

Making the medicine pouch is a special time in an individual's life. We do not make our own, they are gifted to us by someone who knows it is time for the new wearer to acknowledge that individual medicine is at hand. All will partake of a beautiful gifting ceremony. All supplies are provided and included. Tobacco is a sacred plant person whose medicine is that of keeping memory. Along with the Grandfathers and Grandmothers of each of the four sacred directions, we associate colors to each in an honoring aspect of sending our prayers up ~ up to Creator, in these four specific directions.

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